Electronic smoke

The electronic cigarette consists of three parts: the battery, the steam generator and the cartridge. The battery feeds the steam generator, and it, when heated, causes the liquid in the cartridge to evaporate, forming steam that visually resembles cigarette smoke.

In turn, the liquid in the cartridge may contain nicotine, and when you inhale the vapor of this liquid, it enters the body through the mouth and lungs. The process of using an e-cigarette as much as possible repeats regular smoking.

Liquid for electronic cigarette

The liquid for e-cigarettes includes nicotine (natural or synthetic), propylene glycol or glycerin, and flavors. Due to this combination of vapors is quite thick and smells nice.

One cartridge is designed for 20-40 puffs. It is much more economical not to change it for a new one at the end, but to refill it using a special liquid. When the cartridge runs out or dries, no steam is released and smoking becomes impossible. But, nicotine is a drug that can be compared in strength to heroin. In the case of e-cigarettes (especially when refilling the cartridge) it is difficult to control the level of nicotine consumption. There is a chance that you will constantly increase its consumption.

Electronic cigarettes – reviews of doctors

The World Health Organization insists on a ban on e-cigarettes, saying that their health effects have not been fully studied: “They are trying to sell us a highly toxic poison that is highly addictive.”

Too bad e-cigarettes

On the one hand, electronic vapors of such cigarettes do not contain many hazardous substances that are part of tobacco smoke, but only contain the evaporation of nicotine, glycerin and flavors. But, on the other hand, there is a danger.

Currently, there are no studies showing that such pairs are completely harmless. In addition, in any case, you have to inhale nicotine, and there is nothing useful in it, and it negatively affects athletic performance and muscle growth.

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