About blog

First I will tell you a couple of words about who I am and why I am writing this blog. Several years ago I started to feel pains in the stomach area that nobody could diagnose properly. After a while it started to be accompanied with chronic feeling of tiredness, regular sub febrile temperature, general poor state of health.

Doctors’ prescriptions where not too useful, I was even advised a surgery with an approach like “lets cut you, see what’s inside and then decide what we will do to you next. That was the time when I had to change a lot in my attitudes, life style and mentality, when I understood that nothing really works alone, there should be a comprehensive method to do anything – similar to a currently trendy concept of sustainability. Finally I really managed to diagnose myself and recover, although there is still much to be improved in this respect, and I decided that I have to share the accumulated knowledge and experience with others, those who are still starting this painful way after a sudden diagnose or an accident, to help them to avoid a lot of mistakes and wasted time, efforts and money.

Here you will find collection of materials, that I used based my own treatment on, as well as a lot of new ones all dedicated to one and the same topic – how to get or recover good health most efficiently. So thank you for visiting my resource and wish you all good health and luck!